How can you sell OEM parts, when you are not an authorized distributor?

That is a good question. As an end user, you are correctly turning to your local representative or distributor in your area for these parts. Sometimes you have no choice but to do that because you happen to be in their particular area of coverage.

When you come to a re-seller like us, we have the flexibility to purchase the same OEM parts from the distributors in other cities through our network or affiliates.

Do you accept Visa/Master Card?


Who should we contact for inquiries or questions?

Contact the owner Daud Ahmed. Should you call and get his voicemail, leave a message. Even when traveling, he checks his messages every 4 hours and calls you back. During his absence, the faxes and e-mail inquiries that you send are always attended to.

Phone: (949) 497-6051
Fax: (949) 497-6665

How do you respond to emergency orders?

When the customer contacts us, stating that this is an emergency, we drop everything else to concentrate on that emergency. It is our belief that we all work to satisfy the need of the end user working on the equipment, and an emergency simply means the person needs our attention NOW.

Your line card is fairly extensive. Do you provide items other than what is listed?

Yes we do. Around 25% of what we supply is not listed on the line card. This is because some customers like our level of service and try to include us in other phases of their business.